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Episode 108: A Predatory Bird, Laced With White Zinfandel (with The Trillbillies)

The biggest problem on the left? Not enough podcasts. At long last, we get to hook up with The Trillbillies so solve this pressing problem.

We talk about infinite garlic bread, psychic powers, professional poker player, and the nastiest political figures in the state with one of Eastern Kentucky's most successful small businesses. ;)

Nobody wants to be rogue.

Why God had to nerf Rachel.

Sound editors forming a union.

Wal-Mart branded leftist podcasts.

Tax credits for podcasters.

Kentucky's Pound For Pound Evil Champion

The Funniest Evildoer In Washington State

Chairs worth going to jail for. 

Dark rituals in the United States congress. 

Episode 107: It’s Only Comedy if We’re in Trouble

It's time for our hottest takes! The hosts are each here to dish out takes so spicy and out-there you won't know what to think. Can you handle us bearing our political souls? Find out by listening now!

  • Does ACAB apply to the horny police?
  • Rachel should have been a lobbyist
  • Comparing more things to Hitler
  • && MORE

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Episode 106: There’s a Little Ohio in All of Us (with Nancy Larson)

Can Ohio make us all feel better about the state of politics in America? At the very least Nancy Larson's campaign can! Nancy Larson and her campaign manager Quinn Albright are back again and it's better than last time as we talk about how Nancy's one-time long-shot to now likely campaign is going:

  • Larry Householder can't get  Lawyer
  • COVID in Ohio, from Great to Terrible
  • Being a Targeted as Flippable Race
  • The Hardships and Victories of the Campaign Trail
  • Quinn being a Bernie Delegate & MORE

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Episode 105: Truth is a Practice, Not a State

Lying is the most fun a podcast can have without talking about philosophy.... so that's what we did! In this episode we get into:


  • The intersection of religion and leftism
  • When is lying ok? When is it good?
  • What does forgiveness mean?
  • & MORE


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Episode 104: Everyone Has a Place if We Build a Place for Everybody (with Mike Shipley)

Could the Libertarian Party be a home for leftists? It might be more likely than you think, at least according to our guest Mike Shipley, the chair of the Libertarian Socialist Caucus. We sat down with Mike for a really intriguing hour talking about political situations most of us haven't seen up close.

  • Self-Actualization
  • Addiction Recovery
  • LP is less Corrupt Than You think
  • The Power of the Queer Caucus in the LP
  • Could LibSoc's Take Over?

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Episode 103: Nationalize Disneyworld! (with Adriel Hampton and Lauren Nicole)

2022 looks brighter and funnier as Adriel Hampton and Lauren Nicole stop by the studio to kick off Adriel's #OurCalifornia run for governor! This episode is packed to the brim with clever ideas, goofy one-liners, and genuinely frustrated leftists.

  • Blue State Austerity
  • Running an Unconventional Campaign
  • Millionaires Serving Billionaires
  • Seizing PG&E
  • "If I did 83 counts of Manslaughter What Would Happen to Me?"

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Episode 102: Holy Shit, They Actually Said That Stuff (with Pat the Berner and Savage Joy)

We talked with Patrick Cote and Joy Marie Mann about their new book, The Yass Kween Chronicles - Coverage Of The First Annual Resistance Forum. This book is packed with real quotes from neo-libs, but written as real dialogue. We talk about:

  • The writing process
  • Modern politics is disingenuous and bizarre
  • Who TF is Neera Tanden?

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Episode 101: I Just Wanna Play with Fish and Get Paid (with Justin Farmer)

This week we sat down with Justin Farmer, a 25 year old city councilman from Hamden, CT who's looking to make his way to state Senate. Justin is a force to be reckoned with and will stop at nothing to bring justice to the people of Connecticut. In this episode, we go into:

  • Police Brutality
  • Corruption in Connecticut
  • What Is Going on With Yale University & MORE

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Episode 100.5: An Interview with NSFWonks (by SKCM Curry)

When Sedinam Moyowasifza-Curry is in the house we never know what to expect. Originally we had planned to record a short bit with the incredible SKCM Curry for episode 100, but she sprung one on us by showing up with a set of interview questions for US, the creators of the show. What unfolded was an incredible, thoughtful, fun and touching time we will never forget.

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It's been one year of Not Safe For Wonks and 100 episodes all at the same time by some wonderful coincidence. The journey to this point has been remarkable for us and we hope that all you wonderful listeners feel the same way. For episode 100 we wanted to do something special, so we asked all our favorite guests to come record something quick with us to make a compilation. To our surprise and delight, the vast majority of them said YES. So after much work, we are happy to present THE EPISODE 100 CELEBRATION, a feast of content unlike anything you've ever heard before.


0:00 - Introduction
4:43 - Howie Hawkins
14:52 - Rebecca Parson
25:50 - Ian Schlakman
35:59 - Lyta Gold
44:45 - Dennis Lambert
53:10 - Interlude #1
54:51 - Ted Anderson
1:04:46 - Melanie D’Arrigo
1:12:59 - Nancy Larson
1:22:05 - Zainab Mohsini
1:32:33 - Asher Nuckolls
1:38:51 - Janos Marton
1:46:17 - Maryam Ahmad
1:55:06 - Karishma Mehta
2:05:15 - Paige Kreisman
2:14:30 - Interlude #2
2:18:27 - Jon Munitz
2:26:46 - Psychic Dolphin Garage
2:39:10 - Chris Richards
2:47:05 - Lauren Ashcraft
2:55:17 - Cory Archibald
3:05:07 - Charlie Madison Winters
3:12:50 - Paperboy Prince
3:27:09 - Donna Imam

3:31:45 - Bryan Quinby
3:39:56 - John Leavitt
3:47:25 - Shaniyat Chowdhury
3:55:16 - Interlude #3
4:01:37 - Jason Call
4:04:43 - Nabilah Islam
4:12:35 - Mary Hollywood
4:20:23 - Leia Rose
4:27:36 - Sarah Marilyn
4:35:49 - Ellie

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