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Episode 89: Throw Money At Us, We Love It (with John Leavitt)

Oops, no beans! 

We ask artist and activist John Leavitt (bylines in various outlets), talking about exploitation, food service and food security.

Inside, we cover: the weird shit that happened to him at VICE, not getting paid at “new media empires”, bloodthirsty podcast teenagers, our busted state and federal system, New York’s “impossible” food czar. Will people welcome more government visibility after the “emergency” passes? How valuable has Governor Cuomo’s “experience” been? Will supermarkets and restaurants survive coronavirus?

You'll hear a completely different vision for the food infrastructure from concept to table - check it out.

More of John here:

Episode 88: Nothing Should Stand in the Way of a Wealthy Actress (with Lyta Gold)

What do you do when you've got the chance to talk with one of Current Affair's best shitposters? Get angry about the world and then laugh about it, obviously! Lyta Gold tears it up with the hosts in this fiery episode.

  • Apocalypse Fashion
  • Tara Reade and TimesUp
  • How Power Ruins People
  • Political Aesthetics & Arguing with Liberals
  • & MORE

Engage with Lyta Gold:

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Episode 87: The American Pirate Party (with Chris Richards & Nial Elkim)

It's time to Hack and Slash through politics with Chris Richards and Nial Elkim! The combination of these two great shows had to be good, and it was, you're gonna get educated and laugh listening to this one!

  • Are We in a Stephen King Novel Right Now?
  • Obscure Wars with Canada
  • The Shadyness of the Patent System
  • Making Leftist Media
  • Brandyn Gets the Hiccups??
  • &MORE

Check out Political Hack and Slash/Chris/Nial!:

Episode 86: We Have a Slumber Party and Then I’m President (with Cory Archibald)

For every outsider, progressive candidate that run there are teams of people supporting them. Among those people fighting to change the shape of our government there are few more bold, pro-active, and supportive than Cory Archibald of Brand New Congress. We sat down with Cory to talk about how BNC does what it does and how we can all fight for a better tomorrow.

  • Being a "Recovering Republican"
  • PACs vs SuperPACs
  • How Win or Lose You Can Still Propel Ideas
  • Getting More and More Diversity Into Office
  • COVID Campaigning
  • &MORE

Engage with Cory/BNC:

Episode 85: Take It Over, It’s Yours Now

With the news that Bernie Sanders has formally dropped out of the presidential race, we got together to talk about tactical voting, elections that aren't the president, and organizing in general. It's a confusing and upsetting time but we will get through it together, and we do our best to get through a lot of info together in this slightly longer than usual episode.

Topics Include:

  • Voting, What Even Is It?
  • The Third Parties and What Voting for them Means
  • Being a Good Neighbor
  • Expanding Your Polycule??
  • & MORE

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Episode 84: She Sounds Mean So She’s Probably a Slytherin (with Chris Armitage)

Beloved friend of the show and congressional candidate in WA-5 Chris Armitage is back at last! We sat down with Chris awhile ago to record this most heated of left-wing debates:
Can Harry Potter be an iconic symbol for the left or is it forever poisoned by neo-liberalism?

  • The Subversive Nature of Harry Potter
  • HP in its Time vs Now
  • Racism and Discrimination in the Books
  • Neo-Liberal Appropriation of Harry Potter
  • JK Rowling's Questionable Twitter Feed
  • &MORE

Engage with Chris's magical campaign here:

Episode 83: We’re Never Moving To Brooklyn (with Bryan from Street Fight)

Some REAL spicy, high quality entertaining content with one of our favorite people. Bryan from Street Fight is here and he's taking a break from mainlining some of the country's worst radio content.

  • Shocktober and surviving the shock jock craze of the 90's
  • Does listen to other audio make you a better host?
  • Bubba the Love Sponge's naked clout chasing
  • The aesthetic and political roots of "the dirtbag left"
  • Balancing podcasting with... activism that actually matters.
  • Getting through to old TV watchers
  • Absolutely NOTHING about loving drugs and Satan... 

And it's only the start to a roaring hour long journey -- and an all-time classic episode. 


Episode 82: There’s Kind of Been a Pandemic Going On?

We're back from a brief hiatus caused by the COVID micro-pocalypse. Kennedy, Brandyn, and Leia got together to discuss the state of things for a very special bonus ep before we try to get back on our regular schedule this week.

Topics Include:

  • Quarantine Life
  • Joe Biden Being the Worst
  • Hillary's Wildest Neo-Liberal Dream
  • Why Are So Many Boomers Not Taking COVID Seriously?
  • & MORE

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Episode 81: There’s No Reason For Any of This! (with Ian Schlakman)

Ian Schlakman is back to talk about the COVID Economy, and how we learn important lessons now during this critical time. Not bound to the beliefs of any particular party or ideology, Ian goes WILD in this episode and tells some big, big truths!

  • Means Testing and Why it Sucks
  • How Capitalist "Efficiency" Fails Us In Crisis
  • Not Leaving the Homeless Behind
  • State-by-State Handling of COVID

Hang out with Ian and get involved in his projects:

Episode 80: What Should We Do? (with Donna Imam)

The United States is facing two unprecedented crises, and it will take bold ideas grounded in common sense to get through to the other side. Donna Imam is a congressional candidate in TX-31, and together we discuss:

  • Our biggest challenges against this pandemic
  • Protecting struggling people from catastrophe
  • Expanding the healthcare infrastructure
  • The actions Congress should be taking
  • Giving people direct assistance
  • The runoff in TX-31 and much more.

Engage more with Donna's extraordinary campaign here:

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