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Episode 72: The Posting Economy (with Charlie Winters)

Charlie Madison Winters is running in CO-1 and she's lucky to even afford a spot here - she represents the potential for a much more progressive Denver, so we were happy to have her on! 

We spend a rolling and roaring hour on:

  • Poster's rights
  • Fighting isolation and hopelessness
  • The ridiculous (and rising) costs of public transportation
  • Why "fare enforcement" is bullshit

We also talk about diversity and agriculture in pretty intense depth. Great listen!

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Episode 71: Canada is Doing Imperialism (with Shameem Nasrabadi)

An injury to one is an injury to all. We stand in solidarity with the land defenders of Wet'suwet'en and their efforts to push back against the imperialist violence of the Canadian government, their police forces, and Coastal Gas Link. If you would like to get involved with these resistance efforts, you can visit the Unistoten Camp's website.

In this episode, we discussed:
- international solidarity
- indigenous rights
- mass direct action
- whether nsfwonks is gay chapo

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Episode 70: Living in Squalor, Paying Top Dollar (with Rebecca Parson)

It's time for an honest conversation about housing, what it's for, and why adequate housing is inaccessible for so many. Joining us to discuss this critical topic is Rebecca Parson, returning friend of the show and candidate for Washington's 6th Congressional District.

We Get Into:

  • What Is Keeping Homelessness From Being Solved?
  • Who Do Empty Houses Benefit?
  • How Gentrification Sneaks In
  • Kennedy Show Off Unexpected Rhyming Skills
  • and MORE!

Episode 69: The President of Mexico is Not a Jeopardy Question

Kennedy, Brandyn, and Lao had to try and make sense of the hilarious UFC-level violence that was the Dem Debate in Nevada.

  • Is Liz Warren Being "Erased"?
  • How Bad Is It that Klobuchar (and Steyer) don't know who AMLO is?
  • Is Bloomberg the Biggest Dork in Dem Debate History?
  • and MORE!

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Episode 68: Four Dozen Roses For Neera Tanden (with Wayne Gladstone)

Leia, Kennedy, and Rachel sat down with famous internet person Wayne Gladstone (Notes from the Internet Apocalypse, Contrarian Court) to talk about politics, the media, and the future of the left. 

We covered:

  • Cringe politics of administrations past
  • How Occupy Wall Street created Bernie Sanders
  • Why the Democratic Party is dying
  • Bloomberg vs Buttigieg: who is more shameful to their community?
  • Bloomberg vs Trump: who is more dangerous?
  • The cynicism of Bloomberg Democrats
  • DNC Ratfuckery: who would they try to cram down our throats at a brokered convention?

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Episode 67: God Help Them If I Get Elected (with Justin Lecea)

Credible allegations of Justin Lecea having used bigoted language have surfaced since the recording of this episode. Controversial speech is one thing, but bigotry is another. For now the episode will remain up but we will not include links to his campaign in the description. We do not endorse or condone Justin's views, bigotry, or anti-semitism.


Episode 66: A Picture of The People Who Are Left Out (with Lindsey Boylan)

What do you do when there's a total disconnect between the people in your district and the people representing them in office? Lindsey Boylan is ready enough for better representation to run for New York's 10th district herself and make it happen!

It's a passionate conversation that spans many topics, including:

  • The Mediocre Handling of Impeachment
  • Living in a District of Extreme Economic Inequality
  • The Oppressiveness of the Trump Administration
  • Looking At Immigration in a More Humane Way
  • Being a True Champion of Women vs Taking People for Granted
  • & MORE

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Episode 65: The DNC Is Perfectly Capable of Conspiracy

What the hell is going on in Iowa? We dive in to the complete mess that is the Iowa Caucus, discussing every theory from dry and tame to full-blown conspiracy.

  • Is The Center Too Divided to Rig the Election?
  • How Did This Caucus App Get Made?
  • Our Horrible Predictions Are Right!
  • and MORE!

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Episode 64: President Crimes

Impeachment, Iowa, and what is an "Endorsement"? These topics and more consume this fun hour as Kennedy and Brandyn joke their way through recent headlines and prepare themselves for the start of primaries.

  • How Should Trump Have Been Impeached?
  • Is There a Right/Wrong Way to Mourn Kobe?
  • Are Mind Reading and Mass Telepathy the Same Thing or Different?
  • Apologies to Genghis Khan and MORE!

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Episode 63: Translating Love Into Politics (with Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs)

At long last we are so excited to bring you an interview with one of 2020's most fascinating and unexpected political figures, Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs. Paperboy Prince is a fashion icon, rapper, and candidate for Congress in New York's 7th district.

We talked about all kinds of stuff including:

  • Affordable Housing and Gentrification
  • A New Type of Community Center
  • Spreading Love as a Political Process
  • Using Technology to Improve Politics and Increase Representation
  • Plus: Conspiracy Theories, Being Your Own Fashion Hero, and MORE!

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