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Episode 93: Did You Know This Wasn’t Satire When You Made It? (with Tonight We Riot)

June 1, 2020

It's time to stand up against the grip of global capitalism and inequality by any means necessary... in Tonight We Riot, the first Means Interactive-backed Videogame! In an era where many videogames are accused of being "too political" for minor acts of inclusiveness, Tonight We Riot took the opposite stance and became one of the most unapologically left-wing videogames ever made. This is no coincidence, as developers Stephen and Ted have strong political views themselves that we were lucky enough to talk to them about along the way:

  • Being Reviewed by Conservative Publications
  • Loukanikos, the Riot Dog, Deep Lore
  • Growing Up Conservative
  • What Kinds of Games Would a Socialist Society Make?
  • The Toxicity of the Games Industry and Breaking that Mold
  • &&MORE

Check out Tonight We Riot: