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Episode 82: There’s Kind of Been a Pandemic Going On?

We're back from a brief hiatus caused by the COVID micro-pocalypse. Kennedy, Brandyn, and Leia got together to discuss the state of things for a very special bonus ep before we try to get back on our regular schedule this week.

Topics Include:

  • Quarantine Life
  • Joe Biden Being the Worst
  • Hillary's Wildest Neo-Liberal Dream
  • Why Are So Many Boomers Not Taking COVID Seriously?
  • & MORE

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Episode 81: There’s No Reason For Any of This! (with Ian Schlakman)

Ian Schlakman is back to talk about the COVID Economy, and how we learn important lessons now during this critical time. Not bound to the beliefs of any particular party or ideology, Ian goes WILD in this episode and tells some big, big truths!

  • Means Testing and Why it Sucks
  • How Capitalist "Efficiency" Fails Us In Crisis
  • Not Leaving the Homeless Behind
  • State-by-State Handling of COVID

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Episode 80: What Should We Do? (with Donna Imam)

The United States is facing two unprecedented crises, and it will take bold ideas grounded in common sense to get through to the other side. Donna Imam is a congressional candidate in TX-31, and together we discuss:

  • Our biggest challenges against this pandemic
  • Protecting struggling people from catastrophe
  • Expanding the healthcare infrastructure
  • The actions Congress should be taking
  • Giving people direct assistance
  • The runoff in TX-31 and much more.

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Episode 79: Are You Willing to Fight Someone You Don’t Know? (with Karishma Mehta)

Where the education, elections, and direct action meet, you'll find Karishma Mehta. Karishma is an organizer for the Bernie Campaign and many other projects living in Virginia, and she was rad enough to spend an hour with us talking about the political issues that matter to her and to the nation.

  • Being An Introvert (Except about Bernie)
  • Mental Health, Especially in Schools
  • What Medicaer 4 All Can Do For Children
  • Karishma's Taekwondo Expertise 
  • &MORE!!

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Episode 78: Weaponize Identity Politics, Not Coronavirus

In the wake of a Bernie nomination looking less and less likely, the whole gang is here to vent a little, laugh a little, and plan a little. We dive into many subjects in this episode and try to search for hope at a time when it's easy to feel a little bummed out.

Topics Include:

  • State-Level Change Making
  • The Many Drawbacks of Electoralism
  • How to Deal with So Much Corruption
  • Do We Have to Go Back to Facebook to Reach the Boomers?
  • Coronavirus Buffets, Ass Worship, & MORE

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Episode 77: The Man Behind The Boot (with Vermin Supreme)

We really went the distance to meet the KING of the Cosmos, Libertarian Candidate @VerminSupreme. He's not just out there, he's out there making it happen. You've probably never heard an interview that's THIS fake, or this real. His plan for becoming the LP candidate is bold, speculative, untried... and it just might be working.

Ending the drug war, the police state, and foreign aggression aren't a bad place to start a conversation.

We sit down and talk about imagination, protecting ponies, political spectacle, left libertarianism, bringing humor into crisis situations, the conventions of convention... we also take questions from the audience. If you wanna know where the OTHER boot is, you'll find out here. 

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Episode 76: The Pulse of the Movement (with Samelys Lopez)

Power isn't a gift - you have to take it. 

At long last, we sat down with Samelys Lopez, who's running for Congress in the very crowded NY-15 primary.

We talk about growing up in some of the harshest conditions, whether money in politics sways people in poverty conditions, gentrification, the emergency in Puerto Rico - and the disaster capitalism that's sprung up in the wake. 

Oh yeah, we talk about the AOC endorsement too! 


Episode 75: Giving More Than Just Myself a Voice (with Jon Munitz)

What do you do when your political movements hit roadblocks? We sat down with Jon Munitz to talk about the end of Andrew Yang's campaign, what's next for Yang and Yang Gang and whether those things are the same, and the 2020 cycle in general.

  • What might Andrew Yang do next?
  • How will Yang Gang keep its ideas on the table?
  • Who else could be a champion of Yang Gang?
  • Is Yang Gang just UBI or is it a bigger platform?
  • &MORE!!

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Episode 74: Number Go Up, Number Good

Kennedy, Leia, and Brandyn are back again to talk Coronavirus... mostly. The conversation goes to a lot of different places, really, but the main idea is that Corona Virus is bad, Trump is bad, Pence is bad, Hillary was bad, etc. You get the idea.

We cover lot of ground including:

  • How Dangerous is Coronavirus?
  • Could Trump Be More Incompetent?
  • What if Tim Kaine was in Charge of the Response?
  • How Will the Economy Take This (and Should We Care)?
  • & MORE

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Episode 73: The Banana Republic of North Carolina (with Daniel Lockwood)

Daniel Ulysses Lockwood is fighting the odds in one of the most gerrymandered states in the county, but his spirits are high as we talk about how he's building a name through activism and people-centered policies.

It's a passionate conversation that spans many topics, including:

  • Safe Seats filled by Bad Politicians 
  • Gerrymandering and What is Being Done About It
  • How Even a Brief Glimpse into the Criminal "Justice" System Can Change Your Life
  • Why Trump is Bad (But With NUANCE)
  • The Unromantic Truth About The End of the World
  • & MORE

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