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Episode 44: You’ve Got Assets But Your Ass Is Still Broke!

A dive into free college. Maybe. The hosts kept getting distracted when there were still Kamala drop-out drama and a never-ending supply of Pete Buttigieg dunks to dish out. But by the end of it we do touch on quite a number of crucial topics to the free college/tuition forgiveness debate. But also for real there's so much shit to say about Pete Buttigieg and why he sucks lol.

Episode 43: Your Vote Should be Earned, not Given

The gang's all here to discuss the end of Kamala Harris' campaign, whether or not "vote blue no matter who" makes any type of sense, electability and much more! We try to find some middle-ground between celebrating Kamala dropping out and figuring out why she had a harder run than certain other lukewarm candidates (hint: racism and sexism are definitely factors).

Yeah okay you caught us, I'm just trying to find a fancy way of saying we trash Nate Silver for an hour. Enjoy!

Episode 42: We’re All Fighting the Same Fight (w/ Shaniyat Chowdhury)

Shaniyat Chowdhury is the Brand New Congress-backed candidate for New York's 5th Congressional district, looking to unseat a moderate democrat with a bold progressive agenda. We were lucky enough to sit down with Shan for a remarkable interview, filled with incredible stories and exciting visions for the future. We talk about economics, public housing, criminal justice reform, working on AOC's staff, and much more. Shan's ideas for what he'll do when he's in congress are as much needed as they are rooted in the realities we are facing in this country.

Don't forget to give Shan's campaign your support, after you listen we know you'll agree he deserves it:

Episode 41: The Darkest Episode of “The Office” Never Made

Our podcast lives up to promises, our patrons held us to our word and gave us the money, and now we're delivering: our review of the 2019 film Cuck. This is apparently our "holiday episode"? Enjoy us trying to wrap our minds around what someone clearly thought was going to be a very, very clever film while they were making it. It's a total meltdown of the hosts, enjoy.

Episode 40: Wonks vs. Medicare

How Bernie Sanders became the Final Girl of America's healthcare horror-show. The modern history of media opposition to universal health care, and the main devices used to sway people against a system that works across the first world.

We play all the hits: "multiple paths," "how do you pay for that," "government takeover," "universal coverage," and more. By the time we leave, you'll be equipped to win any argument on this issue. You're welcome.

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Episode 39: The Cringe Revisionists - BONUS!

We got the gang together for a bonus recording session just to do an epic-length session of "Is It Cringe?". We cover a lot of news that didn't really get our show's full attention in a lighthearted way. Regular episode still coming monday!

Episode 38: Sometimes the Answer is Simple (w/Francisco Pierre-Louis)

We sit down for a conversation with Francisco Pierre-Louis who ran for Florida S&W Conservation as a progressive outsider. Although he started with little other than determination, he was able to take 2nd place in the election with over 100k votes. We talk about this incredible story of real grass-roots people-power politics, and how he plans to use his platform to continue on politically.

Episode 37: Bolivia’s New President: Georgina Lincoln Rockwell

Join us for a spicy dissection of bad media narrative about Bolivia. Ren makes a big announcement about himself, we discuss the wokeness of female dictators, and we come to the obviously conclusions that what's happening in Bolivia is not so great.

Episode 36: Cringe Chernobyl

The original hosts are all in the same room again for the first time in a month! We discuss the resignation of Katie Hill, where #MeToo has gotten us in 2 years, and whether or not anyone has ever truly been cancelled. It's a rollercoaster of anger, sadness, laughter, and hope as we explore these topics and more from many angles. Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.

Episode 35: I’m Just A Player In The Game (with Sorcha Flynn)

A Glorious, amazing... tubular episode with much better audio. Sorcha is back!

Can Elizabeth Warren be trusted to lead the left? Primary maneuvering, the specters of Obama and Hillary, the dietary risks of eating the rich, Warren's Medicare platform, and her weird standoff with Amy Goodman, all covered here.

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