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Episode 100.5: An Interview with NSFWonks (by SKCM Curry)

When Sedinam Moyowasifza-Curry is in the house we never know what to expect. Originally we had planned to record a short bit with the incredible SKCM Curry for episode 100, but she sprung one on us by showing up with a set of interview questions for US, the creators of the show. What unfolded was an incredible, thoughtful, fun and touching time we will never forget.

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It's been one year of Not Safe For Wonks and 100 episodes all at the same time by some wonderful coincidence. The journey to this point has been remarkable for us and we hope that all you wonderful listeners feel the same way. For episode 100 we wanted to do something special, so we asked all our favorite guests to come record something quick with us to make a compilation. To our surprise and delight, the vast majority of them said YES. So after much work, we are happy to present THE EPISODE 100 CELEBRATION, a feast of content unlike anything you've ever heard before.


0:00 - Introduction
4:43 - Howie Hawkins
14:52 - Rebecca Parson
25:50 - Ian Schlakman
35:59 - Lyta Gold
44:45 - Dennis Lambert
53:10 - Interlude #1
54:51 - Ted Anderson
1:04:46 - Melanie D’Arrigo
1:12:59 - Nancy Larson
1:22:05 - Zainab Mohsini
1:32:33 - Asher Nuckolls
1:38:51 - Janos Marton
1:46:17 - Maryam Ahmad
1:55:06 - Karishma Mehta
2:05:15 - Paige Kreisman
2:14:30 - Interlude #2
2:18:27 - Jon Munitz
2:26:46 - Psychic Dolphin Garage
2:39:10 - Chris Richards
2:47:05 - Lauren Ashcraft
2:55:17 - Cory Archibald
3:05:07 - Charlie Madison Winters
3:12:50 - Paperboy Prince
3:27:09 - Donna Imam

3:31:45 - Bryan Quinby
3:39:56 - John Leavitt
3:47:25 - Shaniyat Chowdhury
3:55:16 - Interlude #3
4:01:37 - Jason Call
4:04:43 - Nabilah Islam
4:12:35 - Mary Hollywood
4:20:23 - Leia Rose
4:27:36 - Sarah Marilyn
4:35:49 - Ellie

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Episode 99: You See, What Had Happened Was… (with Akua Walters)

We make right on the episode we lost with Akua Walters by making a new one and it's even better than the first time! Akua comes with visions of the National Progressive Party, but also to talk politics in general, for what makes a very thoughtful and unapologetic episode.

  • Life in a Colonized Country
  • The Monroe Doctrine & Foreign Policy
  • The Narcissism of the Rich
  • Falling into Conservative Takes by Accident
  • Organizing for Third Parties
  • && MORE

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Episode 98: It’s a Good Thing We’re on An American Show (with Corner Späti)

This week we step in to the bizarro alternate universe of European politics and kick with our spiritual podcasting twins at Corner Späti. We discover what is the same and what is different in the realms where you have more than 2 parties, and some of them use the "Socialism" word.

  • The Global Rise of Fascism
  • Progressives to be Excited about in Europe
  • International Resistance Movements
  • Multi-Party Systems in General
  • The East/West Divide in Germany
  • How Big of a Victory is Sinn Fein's Growth
  • & MORE

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Episode 97: Captain Kirk Doesn’t Read Theory (with Cory Archibald)

When you ask people how they started moving left politically, a large number of them will at some point mention a certain sci-fi franchise that has capture imaginations for decades by presenting the possibility of a better society. We're talking, of course, about Star Trek! And who better to talk about Star Trek with us than progressive champion and hardcore Trekkie, Cory Archibald, the chair of Brand New Congress.

We Get Into:

  • Predictions Star Trek Made about the Future
  • What Does "Post-Scarcity" Mean?
  • Who Would the Captains have Voted For?
  • Is Star Trek "Socialist" Per Se?
  • Is The Orville better than Star Trek??
  • &MORE

Engage with Cory/BNC:

Episode 96: A New Balance of Power (with Mariah Parker)

Often times it's not the President or the US Congress who is going to make the calls that affect you most, it's people like your County Commissioners. Mariah Parker is a democratic socialist County Commissioner in Athens/Clarke County, Georgia, and after you hear her speak you'll be thinking about how you can elect someone like her in your neighborhood!

  • Prison Abolition
  • Programming/De-Programming Violence
  • Access to Mental Health Resources
  • Restorative Justice
  • Getting Access to The Means && MORE

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Episode 95: Who Wants To Be A Trillionaire? (with Shaniyat Chowdhury)

Shaniyat Chowdhury is back in the studio with us and it's like the end of the sports movie when the hero's team is suddenly beating the "unbeatable" home team. The results of Shan's incredible campaign speak for themselves in this fun and encouraging episode that serves as a powerful reminder of what we, the people, can accomplish together.

  • Keeping Busy in Quarantine
  • Thinking Outside the Box with Virtual Campaign Events
  • Where are the People who Endorsed Bloomberg Now?
  • Ideas Around Wealth/Inequality
  • Tinderbanking?? && MORE

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Episode 94: The Lifting of the Veil (with Mary Hollywood)

Mary Hollywood from the incredible "At The Crossroads" cast is finally here on the show - talking about what can mobilize and motivate people to join the fight for change over the long term.

  • Uber//Lyft drivers and gig workers fight to survive.
  • Things that “should be above politics” but never are.
  • Is there a “progressive movement” in America, and where should it put its energy?
  • How much cash determines whether you are “qualified” even in left wing circles.
  • Can the DSA coalesce the progressive movement? Do they want to?
  • How exploitation grounds the entire economy.
  • Where SHOULD people be working.

Let go of the little stuff and join an elevated conversation about complacency and the future of progressive politics 

Episode 93: Did You Know This Wasn’t Satire When You Made It? (with Tonight We Riot)

It's time to stand up against the grip of global capitalism and inequality by any means necessary... in Tonight We Riot, the first Means Interactive-backed Videogame! In an era where many videogames are accused of being "too political" for minor acts of inclusiveness, Tonight We Riot took the opposite stance and became one of the most unapologically left-wing videogames ever made. This is no coincidence, as developers Stephen and Ted have strong political views themselves that we were lucky enough to talk to them about along the way:

  • Being Reviewed by Conservative Publications
  • Loukanikos, the Riot Dog, Deep Lore
  • Growing Up Conservative
  • What Kinds of Games Would a Socialist Society Make?
  • The Toxicity of the Games Industry and Breaking that Mold
  • &&MORE

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Episode 92: The Madonna/Madonna Complex (with Zainab Mohsini)

Virginia's 11th Congressional District has a competitor to be reckoned with in Zainab Mohsini! Zainab is a true voice of the working class who has a remarkable life full of stories and lived experiences that have shaped her bold political ideas. In this compelling episode we dive into a variety of important topics including:

  • Seeking Asylum from War-Torn Afghanistan
  • Learning English by Watching The Simpsons
  • Being Too Poor to be Woke
  • A Bizarre Story about Americorps
  • Political Double-Standards & MORE

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